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and Research on  Art and Artificial Intelligence

Yes, yet another pundit stepping into the AI topic. It seems everyone has to say their piece on the inevitable seduction of our human adventure to feed this technology behemoth. AI is certainly a classic manifestation of an exponential force, as its fortunes rise and fall, as new limitations are discovered.


I have been pursuing both training, research and application of AI in my arts and narratives practices, that equally fold back into my organisational development consulting work, based on the complexity sciences and developmental psychology.

The Arts and AI seem to evoke a fundamental polarity that I have felt to be profoundly meaningful for the human condition. It's almost that AI is forcing us to realise (or make more explicit) to a greater depth what makes us uniquely human. The Arts and AI can be then traced onto the cornerstones of philosophical thought, in terms of the Transcendentals, the Good, the True and the Beautiful (Religion, Science and the Arts).  

A clear manifesto has emerged therefore for me, "making sense" of AI and the principles of technological evolution, as outlined below. 


AI and the Arts Manifesto 

Making Sense of Exponential Technologies Through the Arts

01 - We Need To Understand AI Through A Segmentation of Complexity Domains

The complexity segmentation frameworks (e.g. Cynefin) can provide important insights to understanding AI and the polarities in play:

  • The social discourse on AI currently lacks a coherent sense-making framework.

  • Thanks to complexity segmentations such as in Cynefin, we can better understand the competing schools of thought in the AI community (LLM AI vs Symbolic AI)

    • LLMs can be seen to be vast resources of "Complex" domain abstractions, whilst Symbolic AI falls into the Complicated" and "Obvious" domains (Symbolic AI was at the origin of first AI applications in the 70s and 80s, is having a resurgence in the AI community).  ​

  • We can then appreciate that our "sense-making" has to hold the dialectic of both LLM and Symbolic AI

02 - We Need A Renewed Theory of Art

AI (all all technological evolution) is forcing us to reflect equally on the evolution of the arts...and redefine what 'Art' actually is:

  • We can see from the evolution of art (from symbolic, classic, romantic, modern, to post-modern "construct aware") it is pointing us to see beyond Art as 'object', and towards the experience itself; no longer as a noun, but a verb.

  • I have referred to this distinction as a move from "Art" to "Artistry" (see links below for my presentation on this).

  • Distilling therefore a theory of Art, from an anthropological lens, it offers the human condition a uniquely contextual holding of dialectical forces (incl paradoxes and contradictions).

03 - AI and Art Can Offer Us Generative Dialectical Dialogue

Not only are there crucial polarities within the AI domain between abstraction and codification, but there are also 'holographic' dialectics between the Good, True and Beautiful 


  • Art is itself therefore a technology of open-ended, emergent meaning making - an essential pillar.

  • How can we make the engagement of our differences as an aesthetic dialogue, as generative conflict? 

Ultimately, we are called all to "Artistry", as agents in complexity!

Please see here my Zoom conference presentation to the Prometheus Project (March 2024) on exploring and defining Artistry, and the presentation slides here.


"AI Sensemaking" Video Narratives Portal

As a prototype platform for how AI can be applied to the domain of "Narratives Sensemaking", an interactive portal of mapping and signification of portrait videos by John Oliver can accessed here:  

The design of the portal integrates signification frameworks on ego developmental constructs (Kegan) and levels of self-reflexive focusing (Klein/Gendlin).  The goal of this prototype is to explore how to integrate the principle "dialectics" of LLMs vs Symbolic AI. LLMs are used in the portal to interpret the narratives, with a tentative step to integrating rule-based (symbolic) intelligence from a range of analytical frameworks.

Screenshot 2024-06-27 10.58.34.png
Screenshot 2024-06-27 10.59.54.png
Screenshot 2024-06-27 11.02.13.png
Screenshot 2024-06-27 10.56.57.png

Participate in our research project of AI, organisations and the barrier of meaning

Integrating the fields of complexity sciences and developmental psychology, this project is a collaboration between experienced organisational development practitioners, to gather first hand accounts as to how AI is actually being deployed in complex environments, and to ascertain clear principles and practices in ethical AI deployment. 

Research References

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