It feels like I want to be hit by colour, shapes, movement...

I'm the last person to think I can call myself an artist, but that inner voice has been superbly deconstructed by many authors and researchers around creativity. Hence this all feels like one huge experiment, an inquiry, a blind avenue...towards being a vessel, a listener, an agent in oblique and unpredictable ways.

I'm fascinated by the connections between contrasting disciplines (philosophy, psychology, arts, crafts, social sciences, anthropology, complexity) and cultures. I feed off the switching between projects and research topics, as a generalist and explorer.

I work in video ( using a minimalist 'witnessing' portrait filming approach.

I have worked extensively in organisational development consulting, after 20 years in a variety of corporate roles in the UK, France and USA, and worked for an NGO for 4 years with projects in Nepal and Ghana.  

Artist profile (in French) for the "Human Entanglement" expositions.


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