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Exhibition May 2023 - SW France 
(and in its current second iteration and extenstion for 2024):
"Run From / Escape Into The Machine"
"Integral" reflections on how we can't make sense of technology, without talking about religion (or "faith")...and we can't make sense of art without talking about technology 

Integrating the Good, True and Beautiful (faith, science and art) as one "Web of Meaning"

"My vision for this evolving exhibition is to integrate the figurative and abstract into a series of works that explore how we can hold the fundamental dialectics of our human condition as a "whole" and as a dynamic. 


Our sensemaking is one of continual movement between subjective (1st person), social (2nd person) and rational/scientific (3rd person) realities.

I'm seeking here to play with those movements of opposites from "Deus ex Machina" ("God From The Machine" a phrase that has been around since the time of Greek theater), to "Man Into The Machine")!.

I believe that art holds a crucial opportunity for creating spaces of dialogue in emergent, intuitive and embodied (aesthetic) exchanges.


John Oliver (Tyler), May 2024  


First exhibition


May 8th - 14th 2023

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