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Performance and video tribute

Ideally watch with headpones, fullscreen and with no distractions...

One of my early art projects, working with recycled wood, developed into a flag creation, being facinated about our notions of boudaries and identity. At the begining, I was going with a spontaneous process of experimenting with the materials and paints, and then I found myself inspired to take this large flag made of wood to the ocean beach - another symbolic threshold of boundaries.


Walking back from the beach I was suddenly overcome with a vision of creating a video tribute to my maternal grandfather who died in the 2nd World War, while serving in the British Navy - below are some of the video snapshots, with the full video below.

In addition a BBC documentary of his ship, the HMS Gloucester is linked below, documenting the tragic errors of command that lead to the loss of the HMS Gloucester - one of the most significant losses of the Navy's WWII campaign. Of her crew of 810 men, only 83 survived.

A tribute written by a fellow officer of John Brett's (we believe by George Marriner).


"A braver man I never knew than John Brett.  I can assure you that if he is not to return he would have gone down fighting the enemy to the last second.  We had no one on board who showed a better example than Uncle John (as I used to call him) when up against it.

He was loved by his men and admired by us.

He had already done the work of a thousand men in destroying the enemy so as to make the world a better place for his loved ones."


  • "HMS Gloucester - The Untold Story" by Ken Otter Pen and Sword Maritime; Reprint edition (August 8, 2017)

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