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Bérénice Oliver

Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher

Having practiced yoga for over 20 years while working in the fashion industry in London, Paris and Milan, in 2020 the opportunity came to align my passions and my professional practice.


I have completed a series of yoga teacher training courses, and am inspired to incorporate innovative methods and philosophies, collaborating with friends from other disciplines (from massage to vegetarian cooking), all in a context closely linked to nature and the sea.

I want to make yoga accessible to everyone, to all bodies and at all levels.

Yoga is for me a discipline not of self-improvement, but of self-acceptance and open-mindedness.

I would like to accompany you in this process of transformation and rebirth. Yoga is not about self-improvement and flexibility, but about self-acceptance, slowing down, and connecting to something bigger than yourself.


Making yoga accessible to all bodies and all ages, is more of a lifestyle than an exercise program.


Yoga is about discovering that those crazy thoughts in your head about what you can't or shouldn't do, aren't true.

Tel +33 (0)6 89 83 52 85

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John Oliver

Artist - Videographer - Organisational Consultant

I have been lucky to have had a varied career from working in overseas aid projects to large technology firms in the UK, France and the USA, to an Internet Start-Up.

With further training in adult developmental psychology, narratives and human complex systems, I then ran my own consultancy 10 years running in organisational development.

Having a deep interest in applying philosophical and spiritual inquiry for practical applications, I began fulfilling a long-term ambition of a dedicated art practice in 2020, experimenting across platforms of video portraits, painting and sculpture. 

I am fascinated by how the creative experience overlaps with many teachings of the faith and wisdom traditions - I believe that a dialogue across the arts, sciences and religions can bring generative outcomes for how we grow as individually and collectively. Narratives I have seen can been a powerful elements in that dialogue, that starts with our own interior dialogue. 

As Carl Jung says, "What is most personal is most universal".

Tel +33 6 31 60 29 94

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