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Immersive Experiences In Art, Movement, Nature and Dialogue

Workshop and experiential residential retreat offers available. See below for our Yoga-Art-Nature-Portrait Offer.

Other 1-day workshop formats are available on a bespoke design basis, 

Workshop Inspirations:

  • The Mankind Project

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Positive Disintegration

  • The Artists Way

  • Vision Quest


 Yoga - Nature - Creative Workshops - Portraits

An offer of an enchanted stay combining the practice of yoga, art and video portrait, in an exceptional natural environment - with accommodation just 100m from the Dune du Pyla, SW France.

A journey of renewal close to nature as well as in harmony with your body and mind during dynamic yoga practices (Vinyasa yoga accessible to all) and gentle Yin practices (yoga derived from traditional Chinese medicine).

Wth an innovative integration of nature excursions, art free expression sessions and a video portrait session, awaken your imagination and creativity,,. and reclaim your personal narrative.

A holistic energy journey

1. Daily yoga 

Yin and Yang

2. Nature trips

- ocean, dune and bay

Yoga - Nature - Art - Video - v2.png

4. Personal portrait


3. Art improvisation workshops

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