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Narratives Software Platform


Social Sensemaking Through Narratives And Developmental Signification
The most valuable dimensions of our organisational and civic lives, are those that we have always struggled to measure.

Our future depends on conscious collective negotiation of those qualities that do not fall under typical metrics such as GDP, stock market indexes or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Our vision is to evolve from the information age and social media generation, to the sensemaking age: Thanks to our narrative landscape templates and interactive signification (=self interpretation), the inherent complexity of qualitative human sentiment can leveraged for new levels of social, political and economic collaboration. 
Our specialist applications with template libraries:
  • Leadership peer feedback - continuous capture for learning and development
  • Co-worker sentiment/attitudes mapping - engagement, culture and values
Organisational development
  • From local or distributed team applications to large-scale conference live polling and mapping
  • Investment decision making (narrative economics)
Realtime, collective decision making
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  • Board deliberation - governance practices
  • Social deliberation - large-scale online conversations
Governance and Citizen Engagement

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