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Wood Alter Pieces - a core mission

When in moments of stress strife is often revealing as to what arises there was one moment about 7 years ago go when I was working for an Italian electronics company as a consultant I was getting extremely stressed since they weren't paying my invoices for my fees and I had clocked up significant travel expenses that had been paid out of my own pocket. it all came to a head on a trip to a conference that I was doing for them and having given them an ultimatum after around 3 months of delay that I would cancel all further work.

I was travelling from France to London at the time I'm and with yet another missed deadline I decided to completely rupture the relationship the day before going to to the conference. So I ended up a completely free man in London, but with no money... I even had to ask my mother for a cash bailout.

I was in a terribly tormented mental state about lots of things in my life.

But I was reading Alain de Boton's Religion for Aetheists book, and was in a café in London, spinning out ideas of how I'd like to build new unitarian / theosophically inspired sacred buildings out of wood.

And today, here I am, putting more specific ideas together as to how to create just that... In a slightly simplified form in focusing on the alter, tying in so many other threads on my path (for example from the realisation of the need for spiritual content whilst at Vincent Dubourg's, to the coaching with Stuart Davis, to tying in Hilma af Klint).

I can now thank that torment and pain for the light it gave me.

The image gives some first inspiration ideas for forms and designs.

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